Interpreter On The Go

In today’s global economy, language barriers are an increasingly common issue.

In the past, businesspeople and international travelers have traditionally hired interpreters to accompany them throughout the length of their stay abroad, have tried to secure resources locally. However, due to the high pay rate and relative scarcity of interpreters with 24/7 availability that option is out of reach for many people who need language services on-the-go.

Interpreter-On-the-Go changes that.

Utilizing video remote interpreting technology, one of the fastest-growing developments in the language services industry, Interpreter-On-the-Go allows you to connect with a highly qualified interpreter anywhere in the world where you have access to a smart phone or tablet and an internet connection.


Be Ready for Multilingual Negotiations at a Moment’s Notice

If you’re planning on working with non-English-speaking clients and business partners abroad, Interpreter-On-the-Go provides you with access to an interpreter at the click of a button. Interpreters are available on-demand for high volume languages and on a pre-scheduled basis for all 45 languages in VRI Gateway’s global interpreter network.

Have an Interpreter at Your Side When You Need One

For Americans, international travel is becoming easier and easier as the English language usage grows around the world. While that certainly makes navigating hotels and tourist stops less stressful you can’t count on finding a fluent English speaker everywhere you go. If you need to set up an appointment with a doctor while travelling abroad, for example, why risk getting lost in translation during a serious medical situation? With Interpreter-On-the-Go, you can rest easy knowing an interpreter is available whenever an emergency arises.


Need an Interpreter for Just One Encounter?

While most video remote interpreting services are provided to large organizations on a contractual basis, VRI can still be incredibly useful for individual users in court hearings, business meetings, and dozens of other settings, where an interpreter is needed occasionally. With Interpreter-On-the-Go, you can use VRI services as you need them, without signing a long-term contract. Just prepay and schedule your interpreter as needed in any of the 45 languages we provide.

With Interpreter-On-the-Go, you get:

  • Instant access to a global network of hundreds of highly qualified interpreters
  • 44 spoken languages and American Sign Language
  • Currently available on an on-demand basis in several high-volume languages with more to come
  • Available on a pre-scheduled basis in all 45 languages
  • Pre-pay and use the app as you need