Expand your business on a platform built for growth

Hundreds of interpreters • Streamlined billing • Easy to set-up and use

Language Service Company

Connect your clients with high quality interpreters in seconds

Whether you’re a language service company looking to add Video Remote Interpreting to your list of service offerings or an established business hoping to expand or improve upon existing services, VRI Gateway is the right place to start building toward your future success.

Save yourself time, money, and hassle

Managing an interpretation service isn’t easy, and starting one from scratch is even harder. By signing up for VRI Gateway, you avoid all of the start-up costs involved with establishing your own interpretation department and gain the freedom to pursue more clients, submit proposals for larger contracts, and invest your profits in expanding your company’s other offerings.

Language Service Company

When you sign on to use VRI Gateway as an LSC, you get:

  • Instant access to a global network of hundreds of highly qualified interpreters
  • 200 languages
  • On-demand availability for high volume languages
  • Pre-scheduled availability for less commonly-spoken languages
  • Streamlined billing based on minutes used
  • Annual and monthly subscription plans
  • Electronic payment options
  • The option to register your own interpreters to use the VRI Gateway platform
  • Robust reporting capabilities at your fingertips
  • Live call monitoring for your management team